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Zurich (Switzerland): Blackbull Visits SIX Swiss Exchange on Fact Finding to Engineer Effective Digitized Funding Vehicles

Pictures: Blackbull Equities Analytics

Zurich (Switzerland), May 6, 2024: Blackbull Equities announced today the newest financial institution visited on its fact finding tour "Learn from the Past to Build a Digital Future": SIX Swiss Exchange, Zurich, Switzerland. SIX Swiss Exchange is Switzerland's principal stock exchange and the 3rd biggest stock exchange in Europe. SIX Swiss Exchange holds one of the world's biggest and most important collections of securities and financial instruments linking the modern financial economy to the beginnings of capitalism in the 16th century.

Blackbull Equities continues to conduct regular fact finding trips to explore various businesses, financial institutions, and capital markets that played pivotal roles in shaping the international business and capital market landscape. The purpose of these trips is for Blackbull to integrate the lessons and experiences of past business and market breakthroughs into its development of new services aimed at making companies and markets more cost-effective, efficient, and lucrative in the digital, blockchain-driven, age. Such services include creating effective and attractive funding vehicles for both companies and investors and company digitization.

Digitized companied enhance the speed and efficiency of daily operations, including decision-making, conducting shareholder votes, assigning rights and responsibilities, performing accounting, and more, all facilitated through digital tokens. Additionally, digitized companies open doors to new fundraising opportunities through digital shares.


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