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London (UK): Blackbull Announces Upcoming PropTech Actively Managed Certificate

Picture: Blackbull Equities Analytics

London (UK), March 20, 2024: Blackbull announced today the upcoming launch of a new PropTech Actively Managed Certificate (AMC), designed and financially engineered by Blackbull Equities.

Blackbull Equities works closely with leading AMC issuers. An AMC is a regulated fundraising vehicle that allows companies and projects to raise funds in the capital markets with a bankable and tradable AMC certificate/note, issued by a leading financial institution, without going through a lengthy and costly listing process on a traditional stock exchange. Any qualified investors with a bank account can directly purchase AMC certificates/notes through their existing bank accounts and have the purchased AMC certificates/notes deposited directly into their bank accounts as fully bankable and transferable assets. AMCs are an effective way for companies to offer an investment opportunity to raise capital and for investors to participate in an investment opportunity directly through their banks to get the purchased AMC certificates/notes deposited into their bank accounts.

Blackbull Equities is the lead advisor for the design and launch of this AMC. Check back here for the official launch of the PropTech AMC, which will be announced soon. Stay tuned.


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