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Edinburgh (UK): Blackbull Visits Bank of Scotland on Fact Finding for Digitalization Service Launch

Edinburgh (UK), November 30, 2023: Blackbull Equities announced today the newest historic location visited on its fact finding tour "Learn from the Past to Build a Digital Future": The Bank of Scotland, Edinburgh, Scotland. The Bank of Scotland is one of the oldest continuously operating banks in the world and the first bank in Europe to successfully issue paper currency.

Blackbull Equities is conducting regular fact finding trips to explore various businesses, financial institutions, and capital markets that have played pivotal roles in shaping the international business and capital market landscape. The purpose of these trips is for Blackbull to integrate the lessons and experiences of past business and market breakthroughs into Blackbull's development of new services aimed at making companies and markets more cost-effective, efficient, and lucrative in the digital, blockchain-driven, age.

Blackbull is preparing the launch of its new Digital Company Operation service. This service allows any company operation to be quickly and simply digitized using cutting-edge, secure, and transparent technology, enabling effective operation in a fully digital environment.

Digitized companies enhance the speed and efficiency of daily operations, including decision-making, conducting shareholder votes, assigning rights and responsibilities, performing accounting, and more, all facilitated through digital tokens. Additionally, digitized companies open doors to new fundraising opportunities through digital shares.

Picture: Blackbull Equities Analytics


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