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Denver (USA): FAME Blockshares Are Admitted to Trading on BEX

Denver (USA), January 27, 2022: Blackbull Equities Ltd. announced today that Fame Technology Inc. blockshares are admitted to trading on the BEX (, the premier digital asset exchange for small- and mid-sized companies. Starting on January 27, 2022, the blockshares of Fame Technology are traded on BEX under the Symbol FAME. Blackbull Equities is the Official BEX Listing Partner in this transaction.

About Fame Technology:

Fame Technology is an internet media marketing company. With the focus on crime and adventure stories, Fame buys distribution rights for the purpose of worldwide multimedia marketing and continues to market the associated merchandising products. Fame owns the distribution rights on the story of the public figure Jhon Jairo Velasquez, better know as Popeye, the right hand man of the notorious Colombian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar. The Company holds movie, book and YouTube Channel rights.

About Blackbull Equities Ltd:

Blackbull Equities is an international boutique capital advisory and capital sponsoring firm that specializes in funding investable medium, small and micro-cap companies with high growth potential, using as funding vehicles company listings on digital exchanges, OTC markets and traditional stock exchanges, with a focus on BEX, Euronext, Deutsche Boerse, OTC Markets and Xetra-connected stock exchanges. For more than 20 years, the leadership of Blackbull Equities and its senior advisors have capital engineered funding vehicles and listed medium-, small- and micro-cap companies in the international capital markets, with a combined value of more than USD $1.5bn, accessing the Blackbull Equities Capital Network which consists of capital sources that manage combined assets of more than USD $100bn.

Picture: BEX and Blackbull Equities Analytics


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