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Davos (Switzerland): Blackbull Engineers European-Regulated Fundraising Vehicle for Key Green Hydrogen Project

Davos (Switzerland), January 17, 2024: In Davos today, within the environment of the World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting 2024, Blackbull Equities announced that it has been tasked to engineer and launch a tailored European-regulated fundraising vehicle to help fund one of Europe's leading Hydrogen Valleys (H2CRETE), featuring a 100MW+ green hydrogen production plant that uses renewable energy sources and seawater to establish a cost-effective green hydrogen hub in the Mediterranean.

Striving to lead Europe’s energy transition to carbon neutrality and a climate-neutral economy by 2050 through the development, construction, and implementation of clean energy projects and optimization of decarbonization solutions in industrial sectors, H2CRETE will generate revenue by selling green-hydrogen, -ammonia, and -electricity to the following key markets: power plants, hydrogen transportation, hydrogen-powered vehicles, and NATO navy submarines.

Picture: Blackbull Equities Analytics

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