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Copenhagen (Denmark): Sanders Real Estate Tracker Certificate (AMC), Designed by Blackbull, Goes Live!

Picture: Blackbull Equities Analytics

Copenhagen (Denmark), May 27, 2024: Blackbull Equities announced today that the Sanders Real Estate Tracker Certificate (AMC), designed and engineered by Blackbull Equities, is officially live and ready for subscriptions.

The Actively Managed Certificate (AMC) investment vehicle was launched on behalf Sanders Group ApS, the leader for high-end short-term rentals in Denmark. Based in Copenhagen, Sanders Group has 20+ years of experience and locations in Denmark, Cyprus, Greece, Spain, and Portugal. It ensures guests enjoy a unique, hotel-like experience via its proprietary property technology, personalized hospitality service, and high-quality Scandinavian furnishing, while offering property owners passive income streams, delivering stable, high-yield returns without the demands of a typical real estate investment.

AMCs are an effective way for companies to offer an investment opportunity to asset managers and qualified investors via an AMC certificate that can be deposited directly into investors' bank accounts as a fully bankable and transferable asset. For more information about the Tracker Certificate on Sanders Real Estate Index, including the term sheet and subscription process, go to


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