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BEX Mauritius Block Exchange Obtains World’s First Security Token Trading License from FSC Mauritius

BEX Chairman and CEO Pascal Niedermann with FSC CEO Dhanesswurnath Vikas Thakoor, Cyber City, Republic of Mauritius, November 2022

Cyber City (Mauritius), December 6, 2022:

BEX Mauritius Block Exchange (“BEX”) announced today that the Financial Services Commission (“FSC”) Mauritius has granted its first-ever Securities Trading Systems License under the Mauritius Securities Act of 2005 to BEX to operate a security token trading platform. BEX Mauritius Block Exchange is the world’s first regulated operational security token trading platform that provides retail users and corporate issuers from around the world with 24/7 direct access to security token trading without intermediaries.

License is a Game Changer

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Pascal Niedermann states: “This Securities Trading Systems License granted to BEX is a game changer for us and for the participants in the global capital markets. It allows unprecedented and unparalleled cross-border access to capital and innovations. Companies in any industry, including technology, finance, and entertainment, will now have new ways to capitalize on their achievements by directly offering their digital shares to anybody interested in buying and selling such digital shares. We are excited to be part of a necessary ground-breaking transition of the global capital markets into the next chapter of a digital age that has to become inclusive, accessible to anybody, driven by speed, simplicity, security, and transparency.”

Tokenizing Traditional Securities

BEX Mauritius Block Exchange provides corporate issuers a fast, cost-effective, and unbureaucratic way to tokenize traditional securities, make them tradable on BEX as digital securities, and offer them to investors in the international capital markets. Once listed on BEX, issuers’ digital securities are traded as blockshares directly between sellers and buyers. BEX offers an effective way for any company, including medium-, small-, and micro-cap businesses, to raise capital internationally without the costly involvement of financial intermediaries. BEX-listed digital securities are accessible to any holder of a BEX Trading Account. Retail users from around the world can open a BEX Trading Account in less than 1 minute. In a high-security investment environment, trading takes place 24/7 on blockchain technology in a simple, secure, and transparent manner. Every single transaction can be traced.

Availability and Announcements

  • The BEX security token trading platform’s beta version is now available at

  • The launch of the fully state-of-the-art Ethereum-based BEX security token trading platform is scheduled for 2023.

  • BEX is currently moving its headquarters to Cyber City, Republic of Mauritius.

  • The appointment of the latest members of the BEX executive team will be announced in January 2023.

About BEX

BEX Mauritius Block Exchange (“BEX”), with company registration number C187066, is regulated by the Financial Services Commission (“FSC”) Mauritius. BEX is the world’s first regulated operational security token trading platform that provides retail users and corporate issuers from around the world with 24/7 direct access to security token trading without intermediaries. Simple, secure, transparent. BEX offers the tokenization of traditional securities, the listing and the trading of security tokens, available to any holder of a BEX Trading Account. Open your BEX Trading Account in less than 1 minute at

About FSC

Financial Services Commission (“FSC”) Mauritius is the integrated regulator of the Republic of Mauritius for the non-bank financial services sector and global business. Established in 2001, the FSC is mandated under the Financial Services Act 2007 and has as enabling legislations the Securities Act 2005, the Insurance Act 2005, the Private Pension Schemes Act 2012, and the Virtual Asset and Initial Token Offering Services Act 2021 to license, regulate, monitor, and supervise the conduct of business activities in these sectors. The Republic of Mauritius is also a full member of the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO), the international body that brings together the world’s securities regulators and is recognized as the global standard setter for the securities sector. It works intensively with the G20 and the Financial Stability Board (FSB) on the global regulatory reform agenda and to address emerging financial vulnerabilities affecting global financial stability.


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