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London (United Kingdom): Blackbull Launches Virtual Funding Meetings (Covid19 Business Demand)

London (United Kingdom), October 30, 2020. Blackbull Equities announced today that it has launched fully Virtual Funding Meetings for businesses to be able to interact with interested Capital Sources from around the world, despite the Covid19 pandemic.

With Blackbull Equities Virtual Funding Meetings you can meet virtually one-on-one with various qualified capital sources to discuss the funding of your company. We guarantee interest from capital sources that are verified from an international capital network of private and institutional investors from Europe, USA, and Asia with a combined managed asset value of more than USD $100bn. This is the Blackbull Equities response to a huge demand by businesses to be able to interact and engage with global capital sources despite the Covid19 pandemic that almost completely prevents any businesses from traveling and meeting with Capital Sources for funding.

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Blackbull Equities Teaser "Virtual Funding Meeting" and contact us at to discuss the best approach to meet your funding needs.

Picture: Blackbull Equities Teaser "Virtual Funding Meetings"

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