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London (United Kingdom): Jefferson Seasonal Holdings Ltd. Shares Are Admitted for Listing on BEX

London (United Kingdom), July 08, 2020: Blackbull Equities Ltd. announced today that Jefferson Seasonal Holdings Ltd. has been admitted for listing on the Block Exchange (BEX), the premier digital asset exchange. The blockshares of Jefferson Seasonal will be traded on BEX under the Symbol JEFF. Jefferson Seasonal will announce the start of its IBO (Initial Blockshare Offering) on BEX shortly. Blackbull Equities is the Official BEX Listing Partner in this transaction.

Jefferson Seasonal Holdings Ltd is a capital provider acting as a fund that takes low risk positions in transactional hemp deals to assist hemp producing farms and extraction labs that are sitting on inventory to move their product to market by identifying the needed supply and fulfilling such orders. Jefferson Seasonal acts as a transactional platform, generating revenue with the margin between the buyer and seller. Originated in Oregon, USA, Jefferson Seasonal has establish itself as a respected brand in the state, offering service terms that are industry unique on the US West Coast.

Picture: BEX Website

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