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Frankfurt (Germany): advides AG Shares Are Admitted to Trading on BEX with Secondary Listing

Frankfurt (Germany), January 21, 2020: Blackbull Equities Ltd. announced today that advides AG shares are admitted to trading on the Block Exchange (BEX). advides AG is the first company that is listed on BEX in a secondary listing, with its shares simultaneously traded on both the Berlin Stock Exchange and BEX. advides AG blockshares started to trade on BEX on January 21, 2020, at 9 am MEZ.

Advides AG is a German asset management and investment company with an extensive portfolio under the leadership of Mr. Uwe Bläsing. Operating since 2003, advides AG has been listed on the Berlin Stock Exchange since 2009.

Blackbull Equities is the BEX Official Listing Partner in this transacation. For the official BEX Announcement click here.

Picture: BEX Website

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