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Basel (Switzerland): Blackbull Receives psHolix AG Listing Approval for the Hybrid Stock Exchange

Basel (Switzerland), October 2, 2019: Blackbull Equities LLC announced today that psHolix received today the approval by the Hybrid Stock Exchange to list psHolix and admit its shares to trading. Blackbull Equities LLC is the listing advisor in this transaction.

psHolix is the first technology company to list on the HYBSE. The psHolix IBO discount period for psHolix share purchases starts on October 28, 2019. All registered users will then get preferential access to psHolix shares in three discount periods. During these periods registered users can buy psHolix shares for the following discounts: 20% (Period 1), 15% (Period 2), 10% (Period 3). On December 9, 2019, the discounts are over and psHolix shares will be traded live on the HYBSE.

psHolix is a Swiss holographic display technology company that provides a breakthrough in the global 3D display industry. The psHolix technology enables you to view 3D content on displays without the need of 3D glasses. With more than 57 patents, psHolix is positioning itself in the gaming and autonomous vehicle industry. Interested? Register for the IBO.

Picture: psHolix AG and Blackbull Equities LLC

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