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Los Angeles (USA): Blackbull Executes KKOG IBO on the Hybrid Stock Exchange

Los Angeles (USA), August 30, 2019: Blackbull Equities LLC announced today that the IBO of KKOG is officially sold out! In less than 3 weeks, KKOG’s USD $1.2m capital target, set for this IBO, was reached in orders. The shares are oversubscribed now by more than 120%, valued at more than $2m, with 3 days still remaining. Blackbull Equities, King Kong Organics and HYBSE are pleased with the results and interest shown in just the first two IBO discount phases. All parties are satisfied with the oversubscription and have prepared suitable solutions to meet the growing interest. Blackbull Equities is the Listing Partner in this transaction to HYBSE-list KKOG and manage its IBO.

To see the official press release of the Hybrid Stock Exchange click here.

Picture: Announcement by the Hybrid Stock Exchange

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