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Frankfurt (Germany): Blackbull Receives advides AG Mandate for Capital Market Listing

Frankfurt (Germany), August 23, 2019: Blackbull Equities LLC announced today that it received the mandate to list advides AG in the international capital markets. Suitable stock exchanges have already been verified. The selected listing jurisdiction in the appropriate capital market will be announced soon. Blackbull Equities LLC is the exclusive listing advisor in this transaction.

advides AG is a German asset management and investment company with a diverse portfolio. The company develops its own commercial properties and transforms residential real estate into condominiums in the highly lucrative German market, with a focus on developing regions. advides also participates in projects to improve the energy efficiency of buildings as well as the indoor production of phytopharmaceutical raw material such as Cannabis. Under the registered trademark HydroMoTec, advides AG has access to a technology to electrolytically charge and simultaneously reduce the binding energy of water molecules to reduce fuel consumption as well as the emission of pollutants when used as an additive during fuel combustion in diesel, petrol and gas engines.

Picture: advides website

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