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Zurich (Switzerland): Blackbull Presents Truck Depot LLC to Capital Sources in Europe

Zurich (Switzerland), May 17, 2019: Blackbull Equities announced today that it has successfully launched the Capital Road Show Europe for Truck Depot LLC.

Truck Depot LLC is Portland-based logistics services company that offers fleet owners and operators, and drivers secured truck parking and logistics management services. With initial seven locations in US Pacific Northwest Truck Depot strives to become the leader in truck parking facilities and truck parking management across the United States of America and beyond. A Truck Depot franchise model is also available for land owners to operate their own parking managment business with the Truck Depot Parking Management Program (TDPP).

Picture: Blackbull Equities Chairman Pascal Niedermann, with Truck Depot Management and Owners, Andrei Vlad, and Richard Greer, in Zurich, Switzerland

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