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New York (USA): Blackbull Equities Advisory Releases "Capital Roadshow Europe" Brochure

New York (USA), May 11, 2019: Blackbull Equities LLC announced today that Blackbull Equities Advisory released its new brochure "Capital Roadshow Europe", fully updated. Contact Blackbull Equities at and receive this new brochure.

Blackbull Equities, in cooperation with The Maestro Group, showcases companies to investors, backers and contributors on multi-day capital roadshows in Europe. Company principals meet one-on-one with qualified and interested private and institutional capital sources in Europe, primarily in Switzerland and Germany, for the purpose of assessing and discussing a capital inflow into the company and its suitable, investable funding vehicle.

Picture: Blackbull Equities Brochure "Capital Roadshow Europe"

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