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Houston (USA): Blackbull Receives TXN Logistics Mandate for Capital Roadshow Europe

Houston (USA), December 18, 2018: Blackbull Equities announced today that Blackbull Equities LLC received the mandate from TXN Logistics to assist the company in raising capital with a Capital Road Show in Europe to reach TXN's expansion objectives for 2019.

TXN Management, Inc., dba TXN Logistics is a Texas-based family-owned transportation and trucking company that strives to become a pioneer in profitable cargo moves, which includes the build up of a fleet of electric trucks. TXN Logistics has operating authority in all 48 contiguous states, but with primary focus on the Gulf Coast States of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, also servicing Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Colorado.

Picture: TXN Logistics Pitch Deck, Capital Road Show Europe

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