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Sao Paolo (Brazil): Blackbull Receives CAM Global Investments Ltd. Mandate for Capital Roadshow

Sao Paolo (Brazil), January 30, 2019: Blackbull Equities announced today that Blackbull Equities LLC received the mandate from CAM Global Investments Ltd. to assist Clarion Asset Management in raising capital with a Capital Road Show in Europe.

Clarion Global Emerging Markets Bond Fund is a fund that seeks capital appreciation by investing in global bonds of emerging markets, mainly in corporate bonds and opportunistically in sovereign and semi-sovereign bonds. It aims to capitalize on inefficiencies in the global bond markets, with focus on maintaining BB+ average credit rating for the portfolio. It's an actively managed long only fund, doesn't use leverage, hedging nor derivatives. The prospectus of the fund is reassuring to investors, since investment parameters and risk parameters are defined therein

Picture: Clarion Asset Management Pitch Deck, Capital Road Show Europe

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