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Las Vegas (USA): Blackbull Receives Slim Chillers Inc. Mandate for Capital Roadshow Europe

Las Vegas (USA), November 13, 2018: Blackbull Equities announced today that Blackbull Equities LLC received the mandate from Slim Chillers Inc. to assist the company in raising capital with a Capital Road Show in Europe to reach Slim Chillers expansion objectives for 2019.

Slim Chillers Inc. is a Nevada-based low calorie alcoholic beverages company that strives to be the worldwide provider of premium low calorie alcohol based beverages and cocktail mixes. With a focus on flavor, while still maintaining a low calorie, and zero calorie, profile. Slim Chillers sets itself apart from other companies that follow a higher calorie, malt- based pattern with little regard for the flavor and body of the finished product. Slim Chillers endeavors to make the consumption of alcohol- based beverages fun, extremely tasty, guilt-free, and something to look forward to.

Picture: Slim Chillers Pitch Deck, Capital Road Show Europe

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