Dr. Fernando Juan

Advisor Asia

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Dr. Fernando Juan holds a doctorate in law. He has been an entrepreneur for more than 50 years, dealing with both multi-national companies and small- and medium-seized companies, with a strong focus on Asia, and Europe. Fernando Juan has an extensive expertise in the field of corporate restructuring, capital markets and investment banking, personal and institutional asset protection. He serves on the board of various companies, which operate in industries such as finance, transportation, mining, and technology.

In 1992 Fernando was appointed Chairman of Aeroflot in Taiwan. Throughout his corporate career Fernando has also been engaged in the diplomatic service for many years, primarily as ambassador at large. In 1994 he was appointed as Honorary Consul by president Carlos Roberto Reins of the Republic of Honduras.


Since 1999 Fernando has been engaged in mining, and financial services and transportation businesses, with ownership stakes and advisory mandates held in a variety of companies in Asia and Europe. In 2015 Fernando was elected Chairman of the China-based Huao Group, a transportation holding company. In 2017 Fernando was appointed as a Senior Advisor of the Sun Group for Europe.