Tony Lustig

Advisor North America

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Tony Lustig is in the business of partnering with entrepreneurs to help them build market leading companies. He is co-founder of Sevengard Pty Ltd, who acts as a sponsor for early stage investments, cash generating businesses, asset acquisitions and growth capital.

With his extensive background in the roles of Chief Executive and Finance Officer Tony has completed and advised on over $28 billion in mergers and acquisitions, social investments and project financings in Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the US. His financial market experience includes equity private placements, debt financings, government financing, restructurings and consolidations, and management buyouts. His investment transactions include Space Imaging (acquired by GeoEye), Iridium Communications, Nantero, DWave, IMES Strategic Support Ltd, Lockheed Khrunichev Energia International (LKEI), Nextreme Thermal Solutions and many others.


Tony has helped to launch five technology companies that created over several billion in value. He has participated in numerous Blockchain, ICOs and cryptocurrency transactions.


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