Accra (Ghana): Blackbull Receives Yellow Gold Ltd. Listing Approval from the Block Exchange

Accra (Ghana), January 15, 2020: Blackbull Equities Ltd. announced today that Yellow Gold Ltd. received today the approval by the Block Exchange (BEX) to admit Yellow Gold Ltd. shares to trading. Blackbull Equities Ltd. is the listing advisor in this transaction.

Yellow Gold Ltd. is a mining and investment company that owns more than 300 mining licenses to explore, develop and extract gold in Ghana and Namibia. The extracted materials are refined and prepared for sale. The Company’s main goal is gold but strives to create value in other investments such as renewable energy sources in the form of solar parks, urban transport, uPVC and HDPE pipes production as well as participation in the construction of the Kumasi City Airport. Interested? Register for the IBO.

Picture: The Block Exchange and Blackbull Equities LLC