"We strive to be a leading boutique firm that capital engineers investable early buy-in opportunities in exciting medium-, small- and micro-cap companies. These companies are publicly traded, alternative-listed or privately held.”


Blackbull Equities is a boutique capital engineering and advisory firm that provides and capital engineers buy-in opportunities in investable small- and micro-cap assets which are companies that are primarily stock exchange-listed, OTC-listed alternative-listed, and sometimes privately held. Blackbull Equities assures access to exciting early buy-in opportunities, applicability of funding vehicles and effectiveness of selected capital markets with its focus on Assets, Advisory and Analytics.  

Blackbull Equities provides to qualified investors, backers and contributors access to investable assets which are small- and micro-cap companies that are primarily stock exchange-listed, OTC-listed, alternative-listed, and sometimes privately held. Blackbull Equities also participates in portfolio companies that are early detected and oftentimes in-house capital engineered with suitable, investable funding vehicles to be ready for the small- and micro-cap capital markets.


Blackbull Equities makes companies investable by capital engineering appropriate funding vehicles typically as exchange listings and showcases them to investors, backers and contributors.

Blackbull Equites funding vehicles include share listings on stock exchanges, OTC, and alternative listings such as crypto exchange listings, digital exchange listings and fund listings. Once a company's funding vehicle is ready Blackbull Equities showcases it to investors, backers and contributors in funding campaigns such as capital road shows and with targeted investor relations management.


Blackbull Equities provides to the business and investment community intelligence on how qualified SMEs raise capital in the capital markets effectively and efficiently.

Blackbull Equities provides intelligence on effective funding vehicles available to SMEs in the capital markets. With the BBE Exchange Listing Index (BBE EXI) Blackbull Equities provides intelligence on the exchanges' attractiveness for the listing of SME funding vehicles. With the BBE Issuer Qualification Index (BBE IQI) Blackbull Equities provides intelligence on the qualifications of SME issuers for a capital market listing.

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